Maryland Workers' Compensation Commission - Maryland has the most technologically advanced Workers' Compensation agency in the country. All claims are online and searchable if you need to look something up. While members of the general public can't see everything due to privacy concerns, most information needed is available right here.

Maryland Workers' Compensation Claim Form - Since some people will insist on filing claims without an attorney, here is the direct link to the online claim form. Remember, an attorney gets no fee unless the attorney gets compensation for you that you would not have otherwise gotten. Those fees are regulated and determined by the Commission. However, if you have to attend a hearing, the insurance company will have an experienced attorney there to fight you. Cases are best crafted from the beginning by an experienced attorney. Please don't wait until there are problems with your claim. By then, you have limited how well your attorney can serve your interests.

Maryland Judiciary Webpage - This is a font of information on any court in the state, as well as links to attorney and public information. Any attorney practicing in Maryland should have this site bookmarked.

Maryland Case Search - From here you can look up information on every case in any Maryland court, as well as see what the current status is.

Maryland Manual - This is the handbook to being a citizen in Maryland. It is the how to manual of the Maryland State government.

Maryland Attorney General - For citizens, the most important part of this site is the opinions pages. When the legislature passes laws, the AG's office will assist and render opinions as to how these laws apply. Before a decision by the appellate courts exist, often times there are AG's opinions attempting to explain how everything fits.

Popehat - Slightly less dry than the prior links, this is a blog by attorneys. It ranges the gamut of topics, mostly from the law, but always insightful and entertaining.

Techdirt - Yet another good blog, Mike Masnik and company will make you think and question. Thinking is something that is not done often enough.

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